Investment Banking

PrimeX's offers a full range of investment banking services and seeks to work with companies with strong management teams, unique products, viable technologies, high growth potential, and a superior business model. By concentrating on companies with these properties, PrimeX strives to reduce the risk of investing in high growth/high potential enterprises.

Our strength lies in our commitment to long-term relationships that transcend the immediate transaction for our investment banking clients. In addition, our ability to raise private financings from both institutional and retail investors can benefit clients with start-up ventures unsuited for a public offering or lacking an established track record. The firm's seasoned team assesses the company's prospects by studying the business and its financial position. Based on this research, and in consultation with the company's senior management, PrimeX tailors the financing arrangement that will satisfy the company's requirements, while offering an attractive investment opportunity.

We offer a full range of corporate financial services including:
Initial Public Offerings
Private Placements
Convertible Debt and Preferred Offerings
Secondary Offerings
Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services
Fairness Opinions

Sales & Trading

At PrimeX, whether your transaction is one hundred shares or a block trade, it receives the same professional attention and speed of execution. Individual investors benefit from the experienced trading capabilities that enable the firm to complete large, difficult, transactions on national exchanges.

PrimeX has significant execution abilities in the over-the-counter market as well. PrimeX employs the best technology currently available in the marketplace to make executions competitive.

Individual Investors

At Primex, trading is the last critical mile and our success is tied to the success of our clients. We achieve this through a variety of services meant to meet the needs of our clients. Our focus is to provide investment opportunities that are in our client's best interest.

We provide financial advice and expertise for:
Individual Households

Our service comprehensively covers:
Retirement Solutions
Estate Planning
Wealth Management
Fixed Income
Special Situations

Fixed Income Trading

PrimeX executes transactions in Government, and Corporate Debt. Our clearing relationship provides us with bond desks as well as the brokers broker market that they use for execution and quotes, giving them (and ultimately our clients) a well rounded picture of what bonds are available and at what competing prices.

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Real Estate

PrimeX is focused on helping our clients throughout the country locate Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST), Tenant-In-Common (TIC) and Fractional Triple Net (NNN) properties that are not available through most investment advisors and real estate agents.

1031 Properties

Most of our clients involved in 1031 exchanges do not want the burden of daily property management inherent in owning investment real estate. Our management free DST, TIC and Fractional NNN properties can potentially be a much needed solution for clients looking for management free 1031 properties.

Nationwide Properties

PrimeX provides our clients with access to a large collection of REITs, DST, TIC and Fractional NNN properties nationwide. We are licensed throughout the country and United States territories. For more information on our available properties email or call us today.

Wealth Management

With over two decades of experience, PrimeX's financial advisors strive to provide excellent investment management services. Our size and independence allow our advisors to provide undivided attention and dedicated service. We take great pride in fully understanding the unique needs of each of our clients.

PrimeX offers a full suite of investment options and services including:
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Investment Advisory
Insurance & Annuities
Education Funding
401 (k) and IRAs

Our experienced advisors employ a long-term perspective to managing and achieving your financial goals. The end result is a comprehensive, customized program designed for your specific needs.

The Primex goal is to provide outstanding performance to help you achieve your financial goals.

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